Clairvoyance reading

There is always invisible energy that does wonders in the world. Human beings are born with great powers but gradually then lose them because they don’t try to develop it or neglect it completely. This may be due to several reasons like lack of interest or knowledge about it, education and surroundings that mock at the very existence of such energy or skepticism by parents or society. And finally, only a very few people try to develop these instinct energized and remain connected with it. Such people achieve wonders and do miracles with itfjernhealing på sjælland jylland fyn bornholm og normal healing


Every human being is gifted with five sense organs,and we call them Clair senses. But if you try and improve the purpose of these sense organs, then they improve much and achieve great abilities. The heightened abilities of these organs are termed as Clairvoyance- meaning clear vision, Clairaudience – Meaning clear hearing, Circumstance –  meaning clear tasting, Clairscent – meaning clear smelling and Clairsentience – income clear feeling. You can achieve all these only when you keep your senses active and stay highly attentive. The easy way to improve your senses is to meditate. Meditation helps to improve your attention and concentration and thereby supports you in upgrading your sensory powers.

fjernhealing på sjælland jylland fyn bornholm


This Clair senses Candy experience in different ways,and they can easily transpire beyond our consciousness. Consciousness is generally something which we understand and consider to be right. But Clair senses work beyond this consciousness and always try to give us some hints. Generally, people say that “I feel something good is going to happen today,” “something bad may happen today” and so on. But actually, if you ask them, they say that they don’t know the exact reason behind that feeling. This is called an intrusion or sixth sense of a person. This remains active all the time and tries to convey us some points. But most of the time we neglect it,and gradually we become completely Dum towards our inner instinct.


Clairvoyant healers improve their instinct or Sixth Sense by regular practice. Some spiritual techniques, as well as yoga and meditation, help them to achieve this power. Once you activate your clear senses or stay in touch with it regularly, it can be guided and used according to your requirement. Clairvoyant healer uses his energy to cure the problems of his clients. This can be done by channelizing his energy into the client which helps to re-energize the client. But these techniques only work on mutual belief,and it is very much important for the client to believe in his healer.


Regular healing techniques can solve a lot of problems may it be related to Physical health or mental health of the client and help them to see great improvements. It re-energizes your body and cleans up all the pathways to keep you active and energetic. It reduces the stress on your mind and can greatly improve your mental health. It also provides emotional relief and helps to improve personal performance as well as personal relations.