LED billboards

Different Types of Billboard and their uses

A billboard is a kind of hoarding which we commonly see on roadsides when stepped out of our houses. Billboards are actually large advertisements that are very advantageous to pass messages to pedestrians and drivers related to any daily using products such as kids zone, men’s and women’s clothing, educational institutions, health campaigns etc and many more. If you ever happen to visit New York, don’t forget to have a glance of Times Square, Tokyo etc which have enthusiastically embraced these LED billboards in different locations. It is nothing but a huge TV that displays few ads by the roadside to the passengers when they pass by and educates them some good things like effects of tobacco, drugs, Alcohol etc which are very dangerous and cause to death.


LED billboards

Different Types of Billboards


Actually, these billboards were designed to catch the attention of passersby and create a memorable impression to the reader once they had crossed the placement of billboard and make them re-think about the advertisement which they had driven past. Hence it is nothing but a few words and attractive image to arrest your sight with bright colors.


They are majorly divided into five types. They are namely:


  1. Painted billboards: These were mostly used to advertise the upcoming movies or albums.
  2. Digital billboards: It showcases changing images with text printed via the help of computer programs and software. It is widely exposed to target the audiences on real-time schedules with low cost.
  3. Mobile billboards: Being handy they are unavoidable and very effective to reach an audience across the globe. They are best used when there is heavy foot like few rallies, events, convention centers, airports, but terminals, railway stations, sports arenas and few more to advertise the message and repeat it again and again.
  4. Other Types of Billboards: It consists of three-sided billboards that are commonly placed on highways to let the passerby know the route or is displayed with an advertisement that also has messages. In a few places, they are available as three-dimensional billboards.
  5. Multi-purpose billboards: This kind of advertising sign is mainly functional with telecommunications antenna or with the support of public lighting. It consists of a steel structure where the antennas, wiring and the lighting are placed to pass on the messages on the billboards.




How do you control the content of a billboard?

Every time the new display technologies come into the picture they are available with low cost which improves the visual impact of electronic billboards and signs as well. They even start to replace various types of static signs and billboards that are exhibited on the roadside and other applications. Thanks to light emitting diodes (LED) which had made advertising happen successfully with bright and vivid colors. These electronic billboards are the perfect solution with remote scheduling software that helps the message to change easily on one or group of billboards or the entire network content to change simultaneously.


Billboards are very advantageous for advertising and display public messages. When a person is driving down the road these advertisements create awareness for following subjects which are need of every human for a healthy lifestyle. They include harmful effects of tobacco, avoid alcohol consumption to drive safe, health and beauty products, side effects of fast foods etc.