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Polyamide produces very durable and wear-resistant products of various colors and shades; they are easy to clean and do not require much effort to maintain. Polyamide fibers are processed in different ways because the products from them hit a variety of textures and textures. The only disadvantage of this material is its high cost. Empire Flooring brings you the best chances now.

Using Polyester in Carpets

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Polyester is a special type of synthetic fiber that looks like wool in appearance. It is endowed with the basic properties of cotton. Therefore it is very durable and retains its shape well, resistant to abrasion and fading. Polypropylene is a synthetic material that is used in the manufacture of carpets both as a base and as a nap. It is hypoallergenic, because it does not accumulate dust and dirt, and is endowed with increased strength, due to which it has a long service life. Polyester and polypropylene products are very easy to remove contaminants, including grease stains or spilled liquid. Mixed Often in the manufacture of carpet products used mixed fibers, which are endowed with the properties and synthetic and natural materials.

  • Almost all fibers are combined, and the final result depends on the manufacturer. Sorona is a unique material that is made from recycled fibers of plant origin (usually maize) and synthetic. It is stain resistant, even in paint, iodine, tea, and coffee. They are easily and simply removed with hot water or wet wipes.

The fabric Quality

These products do not fade from ultraviolet radiation and retain their original color throughout the entire service life. In addition, they have a very delicate structure; because very soft to the touch Important carpet selection criteria Method and technique of production, Carpet products are made by hand or by machine. Hand-woven carpets are the most expensive; they are endowed with their own character and are usually presented in a single copy. Such products are not just a decoration for the house, but a real investment, because handmade carpet products are becoming more and more expensive every year.

  • Machine carpets are much cheaper; they are durable, reliable, and practical. Production technology determines the basic properties of the carpet. Most carpets are divided into woven, lint-free, and wicker, which have a nap. Tufting production is fast and inexpensive.

The finished product consists of two bases and the pile itself. First, the canvas of the first warp is punched with a special needle with a thread, and a loop of a given height is obtained from the front side. At the end of the process, from the seamy side, a second base is fixed, fixing the pile. Products made in this way have increased wear resistance. Needle punching is similar to tufting, but with the difference that the yarn threads are additionally interwoven on the wrong side. It is this production technique that provides a high level of sound insulation and durability. Woven carpets (lint-free carpets) are produced by interlacing transverse weft and longitudinal warp threads. They are usually made from natural materials, less often from synthetic materials – they are easy to clean since dirt does not linger on them.