Juul Pods Near me

Getting the Juul Pods and Filling Them Up

The manufacturer recommends using only Juul certified cartridges. Refilling a Juul pod with another liquid is your responsibility. This tutorial is a simple experience that we have engaged in. With the search Juul Pods Near me you can get the pods easily and come up with the solutions now.

To change the e-liquid of a Juul cartridge follow these 4 steps:

  • Remove the plastic cap
  • Using a small flat screwdriver, gently remove the tip from the top of your Juul cartridge.
  • Lift the silicone cap that closes the tank
  • Remove the silicone part. It is very easily removed without tools.
  • Fill the cartridge with e-liquid
  • Pour the e-liquid of your choice (less than 50% vegetable glycerin) inside the tank (pod), taking care not to exceed the filling limit.
  • Reassemble all the parts

Close the tank with the silicone part and reposition the cap. Clean with absorbent paper if necessary. The Juul system is fully sealed and the Juul pod cartridges are not intended to be refilled with liquid. This does not mean that it is impossible or even complicated, far from it.

Juul pods are sealed and are intended to be replaced when empty. Recharging them is very clearly excluded by Juul, and is unequivocal out of the normal use of its products. It goes without saying that this also voids the warranty.

Juul Pods Near me

However, given the high price of refills, it is tempting to try, which we have done. The operation is actually extremely simple, fast, and requires no special experience. (Be careful though, if you open the cartridges of the Juul the warranty is lost and you go outside the scope of use defined by the manufacturer.)

This allows on the one hand to considerably expand the available flavors, since any commercial liquid can be used with reserve which does not exceed a proportion of 50% vegetable glycerin. According to our calculations, this would cut the cost of using the Juul by 10 , a substantial saving. However, we remind you that this operation is not recommended by the manufacturer.

To the rechargeable Juul pod

The Juul pods are sealed but very easy to open. It is enough to remove the small plastic cap above the cartridge, the one by which one aspires, by slightly spreading its sides with a small flat screwdriver or a small point. We then have access to the silicone stopper which closes the tank.

It can be removed very easily and you can then fill the tank with the liquid of your choice, taking care not to put it in the central chimney through which the steam passes. We put back the silicone cap then the cap, it only remains to vape.

The operation can easily be repeated about twenty times for each Juul pod, or even more depending on the liquid used. During our tests the pod was to be replaced when the production of steam decreases or the aromas are degraded as with any clearomiser.

To go further on the Juul

If you find fluid leaking from your Juul pod tank, follow a few tips to limit it. If you find that your Juul is expensive to use, we have compared the cost of using the Juul with competing products. Discover our tips for entering your Juul and extending its operating life. Your Juul may not seem to be producing enough vapor, or may give you limited sensations. We explain to you the reasons and the means to find a satisfactory vape.