PBN Service


To stand on the top of search engine rankings, websites follow many ideologies and keep updating themselves with respect to content. The more valuable information that they are able to give the better their position will be in rankings. For this purpose, websites make a collection of high authority websites which link back to their main site. The interlinked websites are completely under the control of the main site and the backlinks that they provide form a crucial element of their position. This collection of multiple websites which link back to your original site is called Private Blog Network (PBN).

Thus, a good PBN Service enables an increase in quantity and quality of backlinks that a website has. Highlighting the keywords and directing them to the links raises the chances of going up on Google’s ladder. There have been records of PBNs helping in your website’s better rating and the following are some of the services you can expect from the service providers. But also, do remember that intentional link building might be against search engine’s guidelines.

Safe Network monitoring:

PBN Service

They help you with actionable dashboards that help you to have an eye on your network to make sure you get maximum value from the backlinks which help in building DNS or SEOs. If these actions are not taken, some links may fall down from the index. If a domain drops down in any instance, you just have to shift your links to an alternative address.

Managing links and reports:

The service also enables you to manage and control links with the help of their detailed report system. These help them to have a look at the content and link building strategies.  You can even provide PDF reports on the same to clients. Some providers also offer you live ranking data with which you can check your progress in the ranking list. This makes it easier for you to check the expected traffic value, keyword and content coverage.

Offer best SEO hosting:

Some SEO providers offer dynamic IPS that are legitimate and offer you IPs from some of the biggest brands. This lets you work with only trusted and legitimate websites. Some SEO hosts claim to be providing you unique Class C IPs but end up giving you IPs which are already being used by SEO link networks. This means your IP address has already been shared by other sites which are illegal.

Express speed networks:

You can be at leisure once you have handed over the job of PBN site to a legitimate service provider as that cater to all your needs right from providing your IP address to offering with great speed. They block your site from multiple link spiders and other blockages without the knowledge of your competitors.

Protection from hackers and spammers:

There are fewer chances for your site being hacked as they help you in choosing beautiful themes and by disabling comments and let your site plugin and update automatically. This gives fewerchances for hackers and spammers to hack your site. Some modern top technologies used by the servers like Redis object Cache and PHP-FPM 7.2 are very fast and your site will go in rocket speed with the help of these.

Many SEO service providers offer great service and reliable technology to ensure you are in trusted hands and out of risk of hacking. You just have to give them content and domains. Everything else is done by them.