Art Deco wool rugs

Rugs – Their Growing Importance

Rugs have become an essential part of the decor of any place. Be it a home or office or hotels a rug gives beautiful finishing to the appearance of the area. Rugs, today, have become more like a fashion statement and a must-have product in one’s home, especially.

What is Art Deco?

For those who wish to live in a lavish dwelling, Art Deco styling can bring up all the glamour one is looking for. For a newbie, Art Deco is short for Art Decoratifs. Its main features are vibrant colours, bold geometry and patterns and luxurious detailing.

Art Deco wool rugs

Art Deco Wool Rug

Here, we are talking about Art Deco wool rugs in particular. You can decorate your boring place with a smashing makeover by using an Art Decor Wool Rug.

In a layman’s language, a rug is a floor covering with a thick woven material or animal skin. A carpet does not necessarily have to cover the entire flooring. It is used to increase the beauty of a particular space. A rug is used to soften a tile floor or to add sound-absorbing qualities to a room.

Appearance of Art Deco in the market

Compared to other types of Deco, which are flowery, ancient, Art Deco is more streamlined. The concept of Art Deco in rugs especially appeared in the 1920s in countries like France and then spread its era between the 1920s and 1940s. In many western countries where the climate is quite chilly, people prefer rugs, and if they believe in keeping their home trendy, they go for Art Deco Wool Rugs to match their furnitures, paints and other home decors.

An Art Deco wool rug provides certain warmth to the feet and is a better choice than other mats, especially if there is a child at home. In order to get rid of the dust and dirt on the rug a simple vacuum cleaner can be used and be made sure that it is germ free for the child to sit and play on it safely. The kind of Art Deco Wool rugs which we are discussing here is pervasive in the European countries and the United States. Their trend became more prevalent in the year 1925 when these kinds of Art Deco Wool Rugs were first presented in Paris in the same year in an exhibit. Art Deco wool rugs showcased modernism turned into fashion. These kinds of rugs are a statement of wealth and sophistication. Usually, Art Deco wool rugs are not mass made. They are custom made or assembled in order, and each of them has a unique design.

Fall and rise

If it is to be believed, then Art Deco Wool rugs went out of fashion in the early 1940s. In the 1960s, although, they suddenly became a trend again and people began investing in these wool rugs, making them the symbol of their sophisticated lives yet again.

Art deco wool rugs can be bought online on premium stores or can be custom made to match the interior of the place where it is to be placed.