Security things we want to follow in festival time

In the festival’s like the new year, Christmas, Diwali, Pongal, lanterm  and the more festival time we have to be very careful in that time so due to this time there are many thieves are be surfing in all the places and in the festival time, it is right to the terrorist organization and they are being planned for the many of the explosions so the security is to be very important in that peak time we are the responsible for the all the things are be happen so we have to be in sharp eye manner. So at that time, there is a lot of things are be happen at that time. The checking is very tight by the police and the CCTV surveillance are be running for the all the w4 hours so the control rooms are alert to distribution the command in many ways so the policemen, security guards, Gurkhas, smelling dogs they are playing the important security role on that situations. So, at that time, people must be taken care of their kids and their things so in that time people are requested to not put of gold and the diamond ornaments in those crowded places. This is an order by the police department for the safety of the public they implement that rule in to act.


Territories attack 

The group of terrorists is being planned to attack the city on the new year function in the New York so police forest are be covered the maximums places so they all used the security stages for the scanners purposes so the cops give the rules and the regulations for the people to be followed in that new year function so on that day due to the more search and with the passes all the persons are being allowed to addendum the function so the police cops heard the news of that terrorist attack on that function places so they are be tighten the security in so much. Because of the people’s wealth and the factor, the security alerts the people so no person is be allowed to without the I’d cards and the passes. And they are being planned to blast the places so due to many efforts, they fix the place for the explosion so they sent the well-trained person for hiding the bombs on that place so he places that bag, and get disappeared. The news comes to the police so they stated alarming the people to stay away from that place.

They save all the people

So with the help of the CCTV footage, they find the exact places so they all urged with the smells dogs and the bomb squad to deactivate the bomb on that final movement of the blast they diffuse the bone and save the lots and lots of the people so due to this quick action taken from the police departments all the one are be appreciated very well and the police won the maximum peoples heart. So the security is very important in all the places so the people want to be careful in all the situations and the things to handle this.