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Watching games online is nothing uncommon in today’s fast-paced world. Online gaming is the national pastime in Korea. It all started with Japanese occupation and continuous support from the Korean government. The government has invested considerably in the infrastructure and excellent internet facilities which led to the development of online gaming in the country.

Popular online games:

It all started with StarCraft released in 1998.The science fiction game developed in the US gained extreme popularity in Korea and did great business there with 9.5 million copies sold there. Later Korean companies like and many more jumped into this business with many creative games. From watching the live scores to going through the discussions on the community forums; these online tv websites are a great deal of joy. Let us look at a few versions of the different player games that youngsters and gaming enthusiasts can enjoy.

Sudden Attack

The sudden attack is a multiplayer game which can be played for free. This came consists of two teams named red and blue. The red team is named as tanzirilo independence force, and the blue team is named as the United great force. It has many kinds of play matches in various maps. Both teams should follow the rules and solve the problems of defusing the bomb, planning and winning some part of kills. There are two sorts of currencies in the game, Cash and points. The cash is related to real money is used as the exchange of gaining bonuses. The points are earned by playing games. These are used in the game shop for buying weapons and energy boosts in the game.

Japanese Influence and Economic Crisis

Japan’s domination continued on Korea even after 30 years of World War II.  So till the late ’90s, all the Japan products including console games leading in a market like Sony, Nintendo, etc… are banned in the country.  Due to this, Japan’s console games are not at all popular in Korea leading the way for invention in this area. It leads to the development of its own style of online gaming.

Though a negative feeling to japan products exists, people get influenced by Japanese trends in sports by loving baseball and soccer.


Baseball was very popular among youngsters in Korea. There was a great influence of the American Military to adopt this sport in the country. The professional baseball team of Korea had won 2008 Olympic Games, and the league matches in Korea see the good number of spectators. The increasing number of players and spectators makes it the number 1 sport in Korea.


Taekwondo is a self-defense art extended itself as a sport. It is a national game for Korea and gained popularity all over the world. It focuses on both body and mind to make them fit.  The competitions all around the world have gained a good number of spectators and almost 40 million practicing the sport all around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? All that you need to do is browse through the Mogi website and get all the games you need.