WordPress Plugins

What You Need for the Perfect WordPress Plugin Now

In this lesson we start talking about the graphic aspect of your website, see how to choose the right WordPress theme and install it. The real creation of your blog is therefore about to begin. The WordPress theme is the look we assign to the site, which is connected to a series of features that vary according to the appearance. The WordPress Plugins use is essential there.

Free Themes

For WordPress there are both free themes (including the default one released every year by WordPress) and paid themes (Premium): it’s up to you to see which one suits your website best, following simple rules.

Important: If you want to learn how to modify the theme yourself, in this article you will find everything you need to work on the CSS of your blog.

Which WordPress theme to choose for your blog?

It is not enough that you like the theme, it must also work and be suitable for the site you have in mind. In fact, choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog can make the difference between its success and failure.

Ask yourself how long it takes when you visit a website before you have an idea about its validity. Probably a few seconds. So it is certainly not an opinion based only on content: the first impression is what matters.

WordPress Plugins

Does your theme reflect your brand?

That’s right, think about your business in terms of brands. Choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog means selecting one that reflects your niche and that is in line with the content treated and with the tone you want to give to your site. Not only that but also technically and functionally the type of blog chosen will require a certain structure and therefore a precise theme.

What’s in fashion?

Like everything, blogs and websites are also subject to the aesthetics of the moment. It is always a good idea to do research to investigate the themes used by the most successful sites. Adopting a design perceived as current and appealing gives you more chance of catching attention.

The technical requirements of a good WordPress theme

Each theme is done differently, and this also has an effect on its performance. Here are some basic requirements for the right theme:

Simplicity: the web is full of free and premium themes, many of which get lost in labyrinths of completely useless graphic and functional complications. Aim for a simple application theme.

Compatibility: check that the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress to avoid inconvenience.

The validity of the HTML code: check here that the HTML code is valid so as not to run into content redirection problems.

Auto-upgrade: the most efficient themes include an update notification feature available. This way you can solve any problems and bugs effortlessly.

And what Widget do you want?

As anticipated at the beginning of the lesson, many features of the site vary according to the theme. Make sure that the chosen theme offers all those fundamental widgets to your business and that it includes features that allow you to expand the potential of your blog.