How to Have the Perfect Vacation in Cabo

Winter, warm and sunny holidays: Los Cabos, tips and mini guide

Los Cabos is a region of Mexico, surrounded on both sides by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. That’s when to go and what to see the place. Before reading the following, do visit to How to Have the Perfect Vacation in Cabo .

Los Cabos is a tourist region bathed from the east and west by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to the very particular geographical location, this Mexican area has quickly become a true emblem of Mexico. Indeed, Los Cabos hosts 3/4 of the tourist flows arriving in the Mexican state. This region is rich in bathing establishments that stretch along its coasts. It is no coincidence that Los Cabos is also the richest region of Mexico: it is estimated that tourists from the United States of America, with which it borders this region, and from Canada, bring great economic bonuses to the local economy. The infrastructure of the region is well developed, and if there is any flaw, this certainly concerns the transport sector, which has the same problem as the rest of Mexico. How to Have the Perfect Vacation in Cabo

In fact, Los Cabos suffers from considerable problems with transportation, which are both too few and quite old here. Italian citizens must not be in possession of any tourist visa to enter the territory of this State. It is sufficient to present to the customs officers the passport of the Italian citizen with residual validity of at least 3 months from the time of entry into Mexico. Furthermore, upon arrival, you will need to fill in a specific form, called FMT (or Migratory Form), which will ask travelers the time spent in Mexico and the reasons for the visit. The form is easily available from airlines, travel companies, or local authorities. If the reason for the trip was not tourism, you should go to the Mexican Embassy in Rome and request the appropriate visa.

As in many other states with a typical tropical climate, the rainy season begins in May and continues until October. This favors the shifting of the high tourist season to winter when temperatures drop a little, but still, remain at very satisfactory levels for travelers from the northern USA or Europe. In Los Cabos, unlike what happens in the Mexican hinterland and in cities like Guadalajara or Mexico City, a humid and hot climate reigns .In the southern part of Los Cabos in the last months of the summer and in the period of the first autumn a very hot climate reigns, with really high humidity. The maximum influx of foreign tourists is however recorded between July and August, despite the presence of rains that alternate with the sultry heat.

Without a doubt, the best time to visit Los Cabos and everything in Mexico begins in November (in its last days) and continues until the first weeks of March. The winter months are obviously the coldest in Mexico, but in Los Cabos, the temperatures drop only a few degrees, and you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine. The peak of tourist flows is recorded in Semana Santa or the week before the Catholic Easter. Also, there are many tourists between Christmas and New Year. It is really difficult to find a place in a hotel these days. To reach Los Cabos, you can take advantage of many flights between Canada, the United States of America, the Caribbean, and the Latin American states.