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Men’s Social Vest: Models and Tips for Proper Use

Although the name implies that the men’s social vest should only be worn in more formal events and situations, it is okay to adhere to this piece in casual style, wearing every day for work or play. If you want tips for learning how to wear the social vest correctly, check out the article in full. The patterns of gilet homme original happen to be useful.

Men’s Social Vest: Versatile For both Formal and Casual Navigation

A piece of tailoring that complements the look, leaving many boys more charming and sophisticated, the social vest is great for weddings, baptisms, graduation parties and similar occasions. Because it is quite versatile, it goes beyond the classic combination with suit and tie, and can only be worn with a shirt or t-shirt, closed, open, with buttoning and various colors.

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Color is very important to highlight the formal style of a casual one. In the first, prefer darker and more somber pieces. In everyday life, it is indicated to bet on more cheerful, warm and patterned tones.

The social vest can make a more sophisticated casual style, so you can wear it to a job interview or a business meeting. The accessory needs to be well adjusted to the body, with a cut and length that value your measurements. Therefore, you should prove well before buying the model that suits you best.  Since the waistcoat tends to thin the silhouette, be careful to choose the size so that it is not too tight or too wide.

Templates and styles Standard

The standard model of the men’s social vest is that classic, usually with a thicker cloth and in gray and black colors, which fit well with any social outfit. If you don’t want to go wrong with combining this piece with fine sport style in a formal event, the standard version is a great choice.

It’s almost impossible to make mistakes when wearing a standard social vest, especially in the classic gray and black colors. In this case, it is important to note that you should leave the vest closed and only the last button open, to ensure comfort and balance to the look. For a more modern feel, choose a sober and even lighter color that is rarely used, such as beige, brown and khaki. A lighter color matches an outdoor wedding.


The printed social vest can be a danger if it is not correctly associated with the tone of the other pieces, as it is more flashy and unobtrusive. You can make an ugly mistake if you choose a flashier model to use at a wedding or similar event.

Printed models may look bolder but draw more attention than traditional. Therefore, it is best to use this type in everyday life to show a more alternative and cool look. In this case, prefer to wear open, as a complement to the look and not to get so hot on hotter days. There are warm-colored silk print vest models that keep the formal look and are not as heavy as traditional cotton. Note the difference in look when wearing the open and closed vest.

Never wrong, always choose a plain t-shirt

In that case, the open t-shirt may have left the look with a little doubtful taste. The perfect look is with plain shorts, shoes and a shirt with folded sleeve. In that case, a casual look for you to copy without fear.