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Property Valuation: How You Do It

Having notions of the real estate market is essential to get a good idea of ​​how much the property is currently worth. Evaluating a property is no simple task. However, it is a fundamental procedure. Importantly, any real estate appraisal requires market knowledge and common sense to price the house, land, apartment, place, building or business. You need the estimation immobilière belgique there.

Contrary to popular belief, appraising a property is not simply stipulating a sale value. In fact, this activity consists of analyzing the sector and the characteristics of the property in-depth in order to reach a sensible and market compatible conclusion. This step is also a crucial moment to strengthen the bonds of trust between the property owner and the broker. Want to know how to evaluate real estate fairly? Then check out our tips.

Stay on top of the real estate market

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The first requirement for appraising real estate is to know the local market deeply. The broker must be aware of the sector, be aware of the constant changes in the area, know what types of properties are up, have a good idea of ​​the values ​​practiced in the region, and know the construction industry of the city where the property Its located.

First, evaluate the land and then the building

Research the value of similar land in the region. If this is not possible, multiply the average value of the square meter by the size of the land. A good alternative to find the base price is to check the property tax. Also note whether the appraised terrain is in a prime position or has a steep slope, for example.

That done evaluates the building. Consider the condition, finish, and architecture and construction time. The older the building, the lower the appraisal value is. Also check for noise, neighborhood infrastructure, sun position, ventilation, and neighborhood. All this weighs in time to evaluate a property.

Make comparative assessments

To evaluate a property fairly and consistently it is essential that the broker knows its location very well, and know all the positive and negative aspects of the building. After that, it is recommended to compare the appraised property with similar ones.

It should be noted that a conventional broker is only allowed to evaluate real estate through the comparative method. To do technical appraisals you need to have the course in Real Estate Appraisal Technician, usually offered by State.

Be transparent and expose your evaluation criteria

Often the customer already has a pre-appraisal and a pre-set price. If this happens, try not to dispute it. If the value is far above the market, warn him gently and say that he may face difficulties selling the property. Suggest the assessment update and make clear the criteria that will be used. Prefer a soft tone and accessible language to conduct the process as smoothly as possible. Most likely the owner will be receptive to your advice if your approach is appropriate.

Compliance with tax inspection laws is an extremely important issue when selling your property as, with everything impeccably correct and secure, your negotiations will be faster and more advantageous. So, hope these tips will help you in your next reviews.