Acoustic panels

Watch out for the hits of the moment to understand the Recent Sound Technology

Depending on the purpose of your video and who will watch it, you should be very careful about the hits of the moment. Making use of the best tools and setups, like the Acoustic panels is important. Using a song that is very famous or that is being played incessantly can be a risk for four main reasons:

  • Your video may become dated and lose its relevance and timeliness as soon as the music comes out of people’s radios and heads.
  • Music can gain more prominence than your message and end up compromising the effectiveness of your video.
  • Since not everyone likes the same songs, or they get annoyed when they hear a song too many times, you risk people rejecting your video because of the soundtrack.
  • If you are not authorized to use the music in question, you may be punished by copyright laws and, in addition to losing all of your production. You may have to face fines and lawsuits.

So be very careful when using that song of the moment that you think is super cool. Your audience may not think the same way.

Only work with songs that you are legally authorized to use

Acoustic panels

Remember: You should never work with songs that you do not own or that you are not authorized to use. As mentioned earlier, if you use unauthorized, unauthorized, unauthorized, unauthorized music from the artist, you may end up with a lot of legal problems and financial damage, and you risk losing your entire production.

But if you don’t want to have to deal with all the bureaucracy of acquiring song rights, or paying a fortune for it, our tip is to use the free music banks available on the internet. In them, the songs provided are copyright free and you can use them without fear. The variety of songs available on these banks is usually huge and in addition to soundtrack songs, you can still find various effects and sounds to enrich your production.

Free and free songs to use in your videos

If you don’t know any such online files, here are five free and free music bank nominations for you to use in your videos. Mostly you just have to go to the site, choose what you need and make the MP3 downloads.


Before using the archives, only be aware of the terms of use set by each site, as some banks ask you to assign the song to the author in the end credits or require a special license when the use is commercial.

Paid trail banks

Although useful, free banks may not completely meet the demands of your project. So, it is also worth knowing some paid banks. Most of them pay you an annual subscription and are entitled to use the trails you want. In such cases, it is much easier to find less used more exclusive and better quality trails.

Beware of the volume of the songs

Another precaution you should take is to adjust the volume of the songs in your video so that they are not above other important elements or interfering with the understanding of your message.

After all, nothing worse than a song that even scares you so loud that it is or won’t let you hear the actors and characters in a scene, right? At the same time, if you don’t turn the music on loud enough, you risk not causing the audience to want the sensation you want or cause them to miss an important moment or effect that would be essential to understanding the message.