Istanbul Property

The best Choices for the Istanbul Properties

There are steps followed by the customer during the purchase of the Istanbul Property are here. Let us have a look.

1st step

People wishing to acquire real estate in Turkey generally start by collecting information on the procedures for buying an apartment in Turkey for foreigners, the offers available, the situation of projects, their prices It is precisely to provide specific answers during this crucial phase in the decision-making that we have created and put online this site.

2nd stage

Once the purchase option has been retained and the choice of the property to be acquired more or less determined according to the motivations and the budget, the buyer can contact us for the organization of the visit. We then agree on the dates of the trip from which we schedule the visits with the managers of the chosen projects. If necessary we assist our clients with hotel reservations, transfers, etc.

Istanbul Property

3rd stage

When the visits prove to be conclusive, the customer deposits an advance in order to block the sale of the property chosen pending payment of the first installment. He then gives us a notarized power of attorney for the purchase. Power of attorney thanks to which we take care of the rest of the procedures until the deed of ownership is obtained.

The duration necessary for the visits and the completion of the purchase is two days. A day and a half for visits and a half-day for administration is required. Before the notary, a tax number will be obtained from the departments concerned. One of the two days must be open, therefore chosen outside weekends and public holidays.

The only documents required for the database are The legalized translation of the passport plus 2 photos. Usually, we schedule half a day for the translation of the passport, its legalization and the establishment of the power of attorney as well as obtaining a tax number from the service concerned.

Registration form for a visit

In order to better organize the visits of people wishing to come and see the projects, we ask them to complete by clicking on this link: the registration form. Once recorded the information is processed and remains awaiting confirmation which will be made by the receipt of copies of airline tickets.

Does Turkish law allow the purchase of real estate from foreigners?

Since the principle of reciprocity was lifted by Law, virtually all foreigners can buy real estate in Turkey. Does the purchase of the real estate in Turkey entitle you to residence? Yes, it is sufficient to obtain it by appointment with the immigration authorities.

Can you get Turkish nationality by buying real estate?

After a period of 5 years, any purchaser has the right to apply for citizenship, which is issued under certain conditions length of stay, knowledge of the language of history, etc. These conditions were lifted by the law of September which grants citizenship to any investor and his family if the amount of the investment exceeds $ 250,000.

Can you open a bank account in Turkey and transfer there freely from abroad?

Yes, without any problem if you already have a residence card. Otherwise, the intermediary of a guarantor is necessary.