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What You Need for the Perfect Dark Circle Removal

If all your efforts to eliminate your dark circles have been in vain, it is always possible to camouflage them by making a makeup worthy of a pro. To do this, the expert offers her golden rules to bring a bright look. In the right vision, the trị thâm mắt works perfectly.

Rule 1: to effectively hide your dark circles, the idea is to opt for a concealer half a tone lighter than your complexion. In fact, a shade that is too dark accentuates dark circles when a too-light color gives a gray effect.

Rule 2: The application of the concealer requires great precision because if it is applied to the entire outline of the eye, it loses its effectiveness. To optimize its effects, it is advisable to drop it by the key to the shadows or bluish areas.

Rule 3: If your foundation is fluid, apply the concealer after makeup your complexion. On the other hand, if it is powdered, apply your concealer before.

Rule 4: to fix your concealer and effectively hide unsightly stains, put on loose powder or compact rich in light-reflecting pigments. Applied after the foundation and the concealer, it unifies the complexion and boosts its radiance.

Rule 5: Finally to refine the radiance of your complexion and camouflage any trace of the subterfuge, but a few touches of complexion illuminator on the cheekbones, the center of the forehead and chin. With this latest tip, your complexion is ultra-bright.

To avoid: in winter, even if the greyness sometimes encourages the use of sunlight, if your complexion is pale, it is better to give it up. Indeed, its golden pigments accentuate the tired effect and give a poor appearance.

Natural Concealer: Grandma’s Recipes

To pamper the outline of the eye and knock out your dark circles at a lower cost, to you the tricks of grandmother often natural and sometimes absurd your elders have tested and approved.

Spoons in the Freezer

To find a fresh look in ten minutes, place two teaspoons for 15 minutes in the refrigerator before applying them to the eyes. Certainly, it is not very pleasant but the cold wake up the eye by activating the microcirculation.

The Mashed Coffee

This trick is not very glamorous but it has the merit of being very effective. Indeed, coffee puree applied a few minutes on the eye contour helps eliminate dark circles. The look is instantly clearer.

The Slices of Cucumber

This vegetable filled with water offers moisturizing virtues beneficial for the glare of the glance. Apply a puck to each eye in the evening, before bedtime, and leave for ten minutes. The eyes are rested and really relaxed.

Milk as an ally

Milk compresses are very effective in fighting against dark circles. To do this, simply dip cotton in cold milk and apply it on the closed eyes.

The power of cucumber

Often used as an institute, the slice of fresh cucumber directly on the eye, has also proven itself.

The magic spoons

trị thâm quầng mắt bẩm sinh

You can also use two spoons previously placed in the refrigerator and then applied to the eyes upside down. The cold metal will have a decongestant effect.

How to choose your concealer?

The concealer is an essential make-up product. The new formulas can camouflage but also moisturize the skin, which improves the microcirculation. Choose a lighter shade than your natural skin tone.