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The Perfect Use of the Instagram Followers

Clearly, the more your image gets from likes, the more satisfied you are. Here’s how to get success in instagram with these simple tips:

Tag People

The more tags you tag, the more likes you’ll have. The number of tags to get the most likes and comments is 30, the maximum allowed by Instagram. Remember to optimize your tags by choosing the most representative and the most popular. Tags for Likes are a good tool for knowing the most popular hash tags. With this you can get instagram followers .

Use Filter

The best filter is no filter. If you had to choose one, be aware that the most effective filters are Willow, Valencia and Sierra. All others generate fewer likes than the average.

Like and Comment

Ask your followers to like and comment. It may seem logical but your number of likes will increase if you request it. Otherwise there are instagram auto follower free site where you can get followers who will hit like and comments on your post.

Color Contrast

Avoid the bright colors. Brightly colored images are 7 times less liked than de-saturated images.


Show your head or that of your friends. You will get an average of 35% more likes. Do not leave blank space on your photo. Indeed, a photo loaded with many elements of scenery gets up to 125% more likes.

Choice of colors

Prefer cool colors with warm colors, blue and green color work better than the red, orange and yellow. Post bright photos. Man has always preferred light to darkness and this is also true on Instagram since the bright images have 7 times more likes than the dark ones.

Tips for getting more and more insta likes

If you feel that you are not getting the expected number of likes and comments or you want your photos or videos go viral then the below tips are made for you only.

Post beautiful photos

Yes, it sounds stupid said like that, but if you do not publish anything or if your photos are ugly, you will not go very far on Instagram. The quality of the photos that appear on your account is perhaps the most decisive factor of all, which is why it is at the top of this ranking and without this instagram auto liker also doesn’t work.

instagram followers

On Instagram, everyone becomes a photographer. Read the best practices on the Internet to make beautiful photos to inspire you and progress. The most important points are the choice of subject, the composition of the photo, lighting and settings of your device.

Post photos from a pro device

Always to stay in the idea of ​​posting the most beautiful photos possible, many Instagrameur popular or famous prefer using a professional camera to make their photos. Although Smartphone are making increasingly beautiful photos over the years, photos from a pro camera still remain at the top. These devices offer you many options if you know how to use them, making your photos even better.

Disadvantage: Only downside, the price of these devices. This is clearly not within the reach of everyone. You can start with your Smartphone and switch to the camera later, when your account is more successful for example.